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When Univar ES was acquired by AEA Investors, we became an independent company — meaning we can now focus 100% on serving environmental science customers with more agility than ever before.

As Veseris, we’re building towards a vision of greater opportunity for pest management professionals. That means industry-leading services — like PestWeb, ProTraining and Inventory Manager — will see new features and capabilities. It also means that our distribution and logistics footprint of 70+ ProCenters across North America are open for business and poised for growth.

As always, our most important asset is our people — 400 experienced professionals who are dedicated to being there for customers with the knowledge and support they need to achieve their business goals.

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Leading with experience

The people you already know and trust are at the helm of Veseris, deepening our commitment to customer success. We're proud to have leaders who know the industry, and who can move forward with vision.

What Veseris means

The Name

Veseris means impact — but that’s not all our new name represents.

The ‘V’ pays homage to our start as Van Waters & Rogers in 1924. The ‘ES’ shows we’re more focused than ever on environmental science — especially structural pest control.

And if you’re wondering, Veseris is pronounced just as it looks: vuh-SAIR-iss. 🔊

The Logo

Our logo includes a ‘V’ symbol that stands for Veseris, as well as what we believe in as a company. The "V" combines our beliefs into a unifying, recognizable monogram that feels modern, innovative, and forward-thinking.

Building on a strong foundation

The people, products, and services our customers trust aren’t going anywhere. As Veseris, we’re still serving professional customers across a variety of markets including structural pest control, turf & ornamental, public health, wildlife and vegetation management.

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As the industry leader in American structural pest control distribution, our broad footprint and product assortment — matched with local expertise — enable us to readily assist our customers with their toughest challenges.

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With tools managers have relied on for years to manage their businesses — including PestWeb, ProTraining, and now Inventory Manager — we understand these capabilities require continued investment to grow your business. It’s why we’re excited about our future, and hope you are as well.

What’s next? Jump back into business with Veseris at PestWeb, or read our Q&A for more info about how we're planning to make a positive impact for your business, your team, and you.

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