InVade Bio Foam Probiotic Cleaner - 16 oz

  • Works effectively in areas of chronic moisture and organic matter
  • Super-concentrated
  • All natural, Green Zone product
  • Activate on contact
  • Designed to integrate with the Foamer Simpson Pump-Up Foamer or a Power Foamer for application
  • The foam coats areas to provide a longer contact time
  • Applicable for both food and non-food areas in commercial, residential, institutional, agricultural, educational, and other establishments as well as transport vehicles
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or fumes
  • Will not harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations
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Invade Bio Foam is a probiotic and is a highly concentrated form of Invade. As a sanitation product, it contains a combination of microbes and citrus oil in order to get rid of organic debris, odors and scum that builds up in drains and other areas.

Sanitation and getting rid of scum and organic debris are part of integrated pest management in home and commercial kitchens. Invade Bio Foam may be mixed with insect growth regulators or non-repellent insecticides.

Invade Bio Foam creates a lot of foam as it expands; it does not run off surfaces and keeps an improved contact on surfaces. For this reason, this product works very well in floor drains.
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Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.
Sold As: 16 oz bottle (for a case order 12)
Target Sites: Floor Drains, Food Handling Areas, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Food Serving Establishments, Multiple Family Dwellings, Single Family Dwellings, Structures and Immediate Surroundings

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