Offside Drift Reduction Agent


Features and Benefits

  • Improves deposition of spray applications
    • Modifies the size of individual droplet
    • Maximizes the percentage of spray droplets within the ideal size range
  • Improves the efficacy of pesticides & other spray applications
  • Minimizes spray fines that can be carried off target

Ideal for

  • Turf, residential and commercial, ornamental landscaping 
  • Spray applications near sensitive areas that may be harmed by off-target drift 
  • Improving the efficacy of most pesticide applications
Offside improves the accuracy of spray applications by maximizing the percentage of droplets that conform to the ideal size range as they pass through a spray system. Droplets that are larger than the ideal range will tend to bounce off the target surface and deposit the high value pesticide on the soil; those that are smaller than the ideal range may drift onto adjacent sensitive areas with even light winds. | Offside combines methylated seed oil with surfactants to wet the target surface while modifying droplet size. This results in a precise treatment that increases applicator control and confidence. Intended as a drift reduction and management tool, Offside does not produce large spray droplets like polymer-based anti-drift products, and internal cohesion through emulsion technology helps to prevent the tendency of droplets to shear into fines that can drift away from the target.
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Sold As: 1 gal jug (for a case order 4)
Manufacturer: Exacto
ID: 817477

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