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Your questions, answered.

As we complete our transition from Univar ES to Veseris throughout the first half of 2020, your services will remain the same, but you’ll be seeing changes in marketing and messaging. Here are the details.

1What is the AEA acquisition?
In January 2020, AEA Investors purchased the Environmental Science division of Univar Solutions. This means that our organization is no longer part of Univar Solutions, and is now an independent company. Read the original press release here.
2Who is AEA Investors?
AEA Investors is a private equity firm with over 50 years of experience that partners with the management teams of strong companies in growing industries to accelerate growth. Learn about their history and investment philosophy here.
3Is Veseris a public company now?
No. Veseris is now a privately-held company.
4What does the transition from Univar ES to Veseris look like?
In the first few months after our name change, we’ll be working hard to introduce the new Veseris brand. During this time, you may still see outdated references to Univar ES and Univar Solutions on our materials. We appreciate your understanding as we make this update. By summer 2020, Veseris is required to complete this brand transition. That means that by autumn 2020, there should be no remaining references to Univar ES or Univar Solutions on Veseris properties. Your access to products, services, and people will be the same, but you’ll only see the new Veseris name, logo, and colors on all our materials.
5Is anything changing with PestWeb and my dashboard?
Your PestWeb account(s) and dashboard access will remain the same. At this time, we are only working on cosmetic changes to PestWeb to match the new Veseris brand.
6Will I still have the same rep? Can I still go to my ProCenter?
Yes and yes. While our name and ownership has changed, we are not planning to change the experts and locations our customers rely on.
7Will there be changes to product availability or order history?
No. Your access to products and order history will be the same under Veseris as under your Univar Solutions account.
8Will anything happen to CEUs my team has earned or is in the process of earning via ProTraining?
No. Your team’s ProTraining history and progress are being kept in the same system and will be preserved on PestWeb under Veseris.
9What does “focused on environmental science” mean?
Now that we’re an independent company, our goals and structure are aligned specifically to serve the best interest of customers in structural pest control and its related fields. This means we have the authority to respond with greater agility than ever before.
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