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Veseris Partner
Advantage 2022

Thank you for your continued support of the Veseris PartnerAdvantage program. Please download the spreadsheet to begin reserving your 2022 co-marketing placements. Once you have filled out the form, please email it to Andrew Assir.

We're on the move

Dear Supplier Partner,

Veseris continues to move forward despite the uncertainty all are experiencing these days. With new ProCenter locations in CA, UT, CO and most recently Calgary – our distribution network continues to expand. Our team of 70+ sellers alongside 130+ customer service representatives arrive each day with a clear purpose – deliver positive impact. Our people understand that in order to make a difference for our customers and suppliers they must be product experts!

Your participation in Partner Advantage helps achieve that. This co-marketing program, while the longest running in the industry, continues to seek ways to partner with you to help drive demand for your products. Our Partner Portal is a great example of how we provide you with the tools to easily engage with us and our customers – no other distributor comes close. This is only achieved through continued investment both in our platforms and our collaboration with you as a partner.

Over the past 20 months we have all seen that while we remain a relationship driven business, the digital space becomes all the more important. We’ve seen tremendous growth in multiple areas including PestWeb, ProTraining, and our social media presence. The relevance of these programs is especially pronounced among the next generation of business owners.

Across this site you’re going to see some shifts – the most glaring of which will be the absence of Product of the Month (POM). When we first rolled this out almost two decades ago, this was a novel way to harness the full power of our team to push and drive sales of your product. There is now a better way to do this, leveraging local teams and laser focused marketing tactics addressing the key markets – creating a better ROI for all involved.

No matter the change or the challenge, we are grateful and thrilled to have you on this journey with us. Take a look at our latest options, and reach out to our team. Together, we can move forward - and make a lasting, positive impact.

Andrew Assir
Senior Marketing Manager, Veseris

Online Sponsorships:
PestWeb and ProTraining

As more of the industry moves online, PestWeb has continued to grow as a go-to resource thanks to increased social media activity, improved email engagement, and greater lead generation with new prospects.

Earlier this year we started down the long road of swapping out key systems that will drive our business well into the future. The Veseris Online Store is one of those key platforms. We have already transitioned over to this in a beta version on, but all product content and pricing are driven through a new platform, seamlessly connected to PestWeb. Our vision is to have the complete new Online Store fully launch in January 2022.

This new platform will give you greater visibility to your products, merchandising and other 21st century functionality you would expect across a shopping site all while still providing the industry leading content that brings traffic to our website.

The same growth also rings true for ProTraining. In 2020 we saw record attendance of 30,000 courses – and this year looks to be another strong one – benefitting all who participate in sponsorship without having to discount products.

Online sponsorship levels

Enhance your customers’ online experience by choosing a sponsorship level that matches your marketing goals. The higher your level, the more opportunity to educate customers.

Level Partner Portal Free ProTraining Classes ProTraining Supplier Class* ProTraining Tower Ads Participation Fee
Platinum x Up to 5 Users Up to 3 x $40,000/yr
Gold x Up to 2 $4,500/month
Silver x $3,000/yr

*Includes at least one email and/or social post announcing a new course.

Additional PestWeb opportunities

PestWeb lightbox ad

Get the full and immediate attention of every PestWeb visitor with this special ad that appears while the homepage is loading.


As evidenced by a surge in traffic to PestWeb and ProTraining online, distance learning is critical to success in our industry. Veseris remains a clear leader in this area through our library of 100+ CEU, ACE prep, and business classes. An increasing number of PMPs have rediscovered ProTraining as an invaluable resource for employee improvement and retention. As a supplier, you can take full advantage of this unique platform.

Technical course sponsorship

Have your company/product logo featured inside a CEU course for a year where it persists throughout the 50+ minute class, in addition to the logo appearing in the course library. Besides your logo appearing for the entire year, you can designate what months you would like to sponsor the class at no charge to PMPs. Suppliers pay Veseris a reduced fee of $8 per user for one to three months of sponsorship.

Better Together: At a set time agreed upon both you and Veseris, an email targeting all course attendees will go out with a specific call to action or offer.

Veseris Online Store Super Bundle

With the advent of our new online store launching in early 2022, take advantage of the convenience and increased demand by customers to make purchases online. New for this year, suppliers offer exclusive online discounts when bundling 2-3 products. This is a great way to expand product exposure and most importantly induce trial with this growing segment of customers. Prominent activities include, dedicated light box ad Week 1 each month, cross-sell on the PestWeb product pages, dedicated advertising through PCT both in print and online, as well as banner ads in our Edge emails.

Content sponsorships

NEW The Edge

Featuring video content across a range of topics The Edge provides a great opportunity to engage Veseris customers with your video content, delivered twice a month for maximum exposure.

Grab the attention of our audience with an exclusive video that features the product of your choice. In addition, 4 ad placement opportunities that link directly to your product or promotion page on PestWeb

Supplier Hot Topic advertorial

Designed to be more educational than sales-oriented, this article engages readers with useful information on relevant topics including new research, active ingredients, buzzworthy pests, and more. The advertorial is featured in the The Edge, The Hub (PestWeb blog page), social media coverage during the month, and a dedicated email to Hub subscribers.

Creature Feature

One of our most engaging tactics, Creature Feature continues in 2022 with an added emphasis on recommending products for specific pests. This year’s lineup includes the following pests:

Month Featured Pest
JAN Norway Rat
FEB German Roach
MAR Carpenter Ant
APR Subterranean Termite
MAY House Fly
JUN Yellowjackets
JUL Indianmeal Moth
AUG Bed Bug
SEP Odorous House Ant
OCT House Mouse
NOV Squirrel
DEC Fruit fly
New for this year– online store and ProCenter call-outs placed by product, “Creature Feature Approved.” In addition Creature Feature is promoted via emails, social media posts, PestWeb, and monthly dedicated emails.

The Creature Feature is distributed via The Edge emails, social media posts, PestWeb, and monthly dedicated emails.

Extend Your Reach Webinar Series

Given the strong track record with this new series, Veseris will continue to host up to 8 speakers with some “bite size” food for thought (no longer than 15 min each). Topics and speakers will range from extending business into new services like mosquito control to evaluating and implement a successful training program. Focus for these meetings is new and interesting products and services.

Each webinar includes extensive co-branded communications to drive registration, lead list coordination for follow-up sales, on-demand availability hosted on PestWeb, and opportunities for multiple webinar recordings.

Monthly social media quizlet

Leverage growing engagement with these successful quizlets to increase awareness of your brand, your products, and their uses.

Each month, Veseris runs one social media sweepstakes directing followers to a landing page quizzing them on a supplier’s featured product(s). Entrants are challenged to show off their knowledge of pests, active ingredients, and product safety. Those who answer correctly win a prize of the supplier partner’s choosing.

Weekly product spotlights

Reach Veseris social media followers with co-branded posts. Each week, we inform customers about a single product of a supplier partner’s choosing. Promotions are not required - the spotlight provides a space to educate customers about features, benefits, and capabilities. New for 2022, posts will be boosted to extend your reach and grow engagement.

Social Advertising

Leverage the Veseris social channel to support your specific go-to market plans. As our most flexible tactic, social ads allow you to control your budget as it pertains to your marketing initiatives.

Choose who you want to target and where, or let Veseris make a recommendation for you.

Potential Targeting

  • Interest: Pest Control
  • Interest: Biological Pest Control
  • Interest: Integrated Pest Management
  • Interest: Pesticides
  • Interest: NPMA
  • Interest: Pesticides
  • Interest: Insect Traps
  • Interest: Insect Traps Demographic: Pest Control Technician
  • Demographic: Exterminator
  • Emails

    Leverage our proprietary Veseris database of 30K+ contacts by developing a co-branded email for either our full customer list, or for targeted customers most likely to be interested in your products.

    Our marketing automation tool allows us to reach much more specific audiences than before, resulting in higher open rates.

    Focused email

    Send a focused message to a custom list of recipients based on geography or other criteria. Pricing is based upon total size of the target audience.


    Below 6,000


    6,000 and above


    Videoboard ads

    Tried and true, our videoboard messaging remains a key avenue for keeping your products and promotions in front of customers - and our inside sellers - throughout the day.

    Continuing partnership

    We’re here for you.

    Included with every PartnerAdvantage purchase is the assurance you’re getting the best in year-round sales support. No matter the product, placement, or budget, Veseris will be there to deliver results for you.

    Important details and conditions

    Your Veseris marketing team

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