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Get ahead of rodent pests with VM Products

Cutting-edge rodent stations and monitoring exclusively at Veseris

VM Products changed the game when they invented a better mousetrap: the EZ Klean rodent station. Durable, reliable, and easy-to-use, it stands the test of the time.

18 years later, VM is still an R&D powerhouse for rodent pest control. Plus they now offer stations, traps, and tools for rodents and pest insects —all Veseris exclusive— so you can streamline your commercial and residential servicing.

  • Cutting-edge, American-engineered technology
  • Proven best-selling stations and traps for mice and rats
  • Easy-to-service construction that excludes non-targets
  • New AI-powered rodent alert and monitoring capabilities

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Better tech for you.
Peace of mind for customers.

Veseris is proud to carry the latest innovations from VM’s Texas lab.

EZ Secured® Rodent Bait Station

This ultra-secure station keeps bait dry — and away from non-target animals.

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EZ Snap® Mouse

Uses rodent behavior to quickly guide mice to the target. Signals catches externally.

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EZ Soft® Bait Rodenticide

Sachets secure inside VM stations instantly. Approved for indoor and outdoor use.

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EZ Block® Bromadiolone All-Weather Bait

Toughened with a compression process, EZ Block slots directly into VM stations.

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EZ Conceal Insect Station

Discreet and low-profile insect management, perfect for offices and hotels.

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FBS Fly Bait Station

Draws flies with contrast; acts with easy-swap bait trays. Mounts 6 different ways.

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Private labeling service

Market your business with name and contact info on 11 different VM products.

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Moving the industry forward with PestOptix

Veseris partnered with VM Products because they put research first with rigorous, in-house testing and independent verification.

Now they’re changing the game again with AI-powered PestOptix for rodent monitoring. It’s not tech for tech’s sake, but a smarter way to support customers with as-needed servicing, behavior tracking, and prompt response.

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See the full line of solutions from VM, and get access to accompanying labels and SDS. Only Veseris delivers the exclusive products you need, when and where you need them.

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Veseris backs every product we sell with trusted training, resources, and advice. Learn about the Veseris Edge and everything our experts can do for your business, or reach out today to talk VM Products and more.

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“When you're doing business, you always want to do business with people you enjoy, like-minded people that challenge you. We found them at Veseris.”

Ethan Vickery
VM President & Co-Founder, on his Veseris partnership

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