Advion Trio Cockroach Gel Bait

  • Three modes of action and three active ingredients, including two IGRs (novaluron and pyriproxyfen), provide more complete control of large cockroach populations
  • Features the IGR novaluron, which prevents first- and late-instar nymphs from maturing into adults
  • Highly attractive bait matrix improves intoxication and mortality through secondary and tertiary kill effects, leading to thorough control
  • Is a strong rotation partner with spray products for integrated treatments
  • Features the MetaActive effect found in all Advion brand products, which interacts with target insects’ digestive enzymes to activate indoxacarb, leaving non-target organisms largely unaffected
  • Ideal for tough cleanout jobs in residential and commercial spaces, including food-handling establishments as directed by the label
  • Can be used as part of the SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program, which guarantees at least 90% reduction in cockroach populations within the first four customer visits during a 60-day period

Advion Trio cockroach gel bait stops cockroaches at every stage, leaving no room for escape. With the combined power of three modes of action and three active ingredients, including two insect growth regulators (IGRs), Advion Trio helps offer complete control of cockroach nymphs and adults with built-in resistance management.
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Sold As: Box of 4 x 30 g tubes (for a case order 5)
Manufacturer: Syngenta
ID: 884953

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