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Discover the benefits of transitioning from fluorescent light bulbs to cutting-edge LED insect light traps, which can increase efficacy rates and cost savings while promoting sustainable pest control methods.


DynaTrap Mosquito & Flying Insect Traps - How DynaTrap outdoor and indoor traps can produce results and generate incremental revenue.


The In2Care Mosquito Station is the industry's only product that uses autodissemination to control mosquitoes effectively throughout the year.

Mosquito Mangement and Control

Mosquito biology, treatment t actics, and "pitfalls" to watch out for on the job. Featuring Brian Mount (MS, BCE) - the Technical Services Manager at FMC.


Power spraying doesn't need to be difficult. With battery powered tools, FlowZone gives you the power to make the job easier.

Increase Your Revenue

Become a Small Fly Slayer: Learn how Nibor-D® + IGR is THE game changer in winning the battle with Small Flies. With John Singletary, ACE from Nisus Corporation. Increase the flexibility of your route and add new revenue streams through offering Small Fly services. Also presenting is Richard Cruz on Veseris Inventory Manager.

Scent-driven Technology

How using Airzonix can impact your rodent control program. Airzonix technology is a proprietary blend of comple ester comoiunds crafted to replicate the natural scent of flavors like chicken and peanut butter with chocolate, yet it is 100% nonfood based. With Ethan Vickery from VM Products.

Extend Your Reach - Nov. 2023

Eliminate small flies in commercial kitchens and food facilities. Offer dehumidification in closed crawl spaces. Use granular repellents for dealing with animal pests safely. Manage your inventory better. With Jamel Sandidge from Nisus, Bill Holz from Santa-Fe, Don Main from EPIC, and Richard Cruz from Veseris.

Extend Your Reach - Sept. 2023

You Cockroach Insurance Policy: Choosing Baits.with an IGR. Mosquito Management + Better Profits with INZECTO. DOEs Newest Updates to Dehumidifier Testing. Simplifying Pesticide Label Management. With Christy Jones from MGK, Patrick Callahan from Inzecto, Nikki Krueger from Santa-Fe, and Chip Hughes from LabelSDS.

Versatile Products for Top 5 Pests

Ants, German cockroaches, bed bugs, flies and fleas are plentiful, but where do you start? Reducing the number of products in a vehicle without giving up efficacy increases the efficiency and ease of service in the field. Find out how Alpine WSG and other Alpine products can be used together as a solution set for control of these pests. With Desiree Straubinger from BASF.

Extend Your Reach - June 2023

Maximizing Aerosol Use in Pest Management. Controlling Humidity. Tips for a Biorational Mosquito Service. Veseris ProTraining Online. With Brittany Campbell from CSI, Bill Hoz from Santa-Fe, Stanton Cope from Catchmaster, and Erin Monteagudo from Veseris.

Mosquito Biology & Management

FMC Mosquito Biology and Management Webinar is a training webinar that will explore the biology and management of common mosquitoes. Topics that will be discussed include the life cycle, behavioral ecology, distribution of mosquitoes, and a review of recommended chemicals for their control. With Brian Mount from FMC.

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