B&G IPM Kit with AccuSpray Professional (no ADU)

Upgrade your professional image and work smarter with the IPM Case and AccuSpray Professional.

B&G IPM Kit with AccuSpray Professional is a kit that fully supplies you with all the things you need to use the Accu-Spray. The outer zipper pocket holds frequently used items like insect monitors and bait stations. The inner zipper compartment helps organizes bait tubes and bait gun. The pockets on either sides can hold Aerosols or Accu-Spray units. The inside of the case can be customized using adjustable dividers to hold anything from spare aerosol cans to spare dust bulbs to monitors. D-rings keep B&G Bulb Duster , your cell phone and accessories within reach. The rear velcro flap pocket can hold laptops, clipboards, labels and sales information. Kit includes AccuSpray, Bulb Duster and Low-line monitors.

Product no. 45000132
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Manufacturer: B&G Equipment
ID: 805845

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