Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator

  • Provides 4 months of continuous control for fruit and drain fly, cockroaches, and bed bugs
  • Juvenile hormone mimic prevents normal development of pests
  • Gentrol translocates deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices
  • Approved for use in food handling establishments
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Gentrol IGR Concentrate translocates from treated areas to locations that are typically difficult to treat. It can move deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices, reaching the pests that other treatments miss.

(S)-Hydroprene, the active ingredient, prevents pest larvae and nymphs from progressing to the adult stage, causing either sterility of adults or preventing the emergence of insects from the pupal stage often resulting in death, preventing future infestations.

Whether it's used for fogging agent or general surface spray, the long-term control of Gentrol IGR Concentrate is the ideal choice of professionals.
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Active Ingredient: Hydroprene
Target Pests: Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Grain Beetles, Indian Meal Moth, Moths (Stored Product), Rice Moth, Warehouse Beetle
Sold As: 16 oz bottle (for a case order 6)
ID: 619907
Target Sites: Aircraft, Attics, Bakeries, Basements, Beverage and Bottling Plants, Boats, Ships, and Barges, Cars and Trucks, Child Care Facilities, Crawlspaces, Dairies, Food Handling Areas, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants

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