LightsOuts Bed Bug Interceptor

  • Detects all levels of bed bug infestations
  • Attractive to bed bugs
  • Allows easier identification of early infestation
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No powder or additives necessary
  • Crack and break resistant
  • Discourages bugs from returning to bed or furniture
  • Preliminary field tests have shown this to be a highly effective interception device
  • Devices can be recycled
  • Inner Diameter: up to 3-3/4"
  • Outer Diameter: 6-3/8"
  • Channel Depth: 29/32"
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LightsOut Bed Bug Interceptor is an interception device unlike any other. The black color is attractive to bed bugs, visually pleasing, and allows for early infestation to be more easily identified. No need for powders or additives for this device to be effective. Made of strong and durable plastic that is crack and break resistant. No need for tape with the LightsOut Bed Bug Interceptor because the exterior is textured to allow the bed bugs to climb in and get trapped.
Product Label and Safety Data Sheet
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Manufacturer: Protect-A-Bed (Keeco)
Target Pests: Bed Bugs
Sold As: Pack of 12 traps
ID: 806307
Target Sites: Hotels and Motels, Multiple Family Dwellings, Single Family Dwellings, Stores and Shopping Malls

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