Veseris Acquires Integrated Pest Supplies Ltd.

Austin, TX and Vancouver, BC — February 2, 2024 — Veseris, a North American-based distributor of specialty chemicals and equipment and provider of value-added services, and the owners of Integrated Pest Supplies Limited, a leading provider of pest control supplies and equipment in Vancouver, British Columbia, today announced Veseris has acquired Integrated Pest Supplies. This transaction sets the stage for continued growth for Veseris in the Canadian pest control market.

“We are thrilled to welcome the customers and team members of Integrated Pest Supplies to the Veseris family. After a careful and thorough evaluation, we are convinced that this transaction will be a ‘win-win’ across the board for our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and supplier partners,” said Ken Bradley, CEO of Veseris. “Integrated Pest Supplies is already well established as an industry leader in pest management in this key growing market, and we are confident that Veseris has the right resources and vision to position the business for long-term sustainable growth.  We will continue focusing intensely on being the preferred choice in specialty products distribution to pest control professionals across North America.”

David Pallen, one of two co-owners who will continue on to help transition the business to Veseris, stated, “When looking for a home for our business, we were looking for a company that shares the same values we do: an independent mindset and is passionate about how customers, suppliers and employees are treated.  We found that in Veseris. As an industry leader, we knew they would give our employees opportunities for growth and the ability to offer our customers an expanded range of products, training, and solutions.”


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Veseris is a leading distributor serving professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico directly through approximately 250+ sales and service professionals at 77 locations and in Latin America and the Caribbean through a network of authorized dealer partners. The business serves the expanding Our Markets for pest control (including structural pest, public health, wildlife, vegetation management, and turf & ornamental) with unparalleled products and services, as well as educational and technology resources, including, a best-in-class online resource for pest management professionals. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What did you announce? 

Veseris has acquired Integrated Pest Supplies, Ltd., a Vancouver-based distributor of pest control products.


2.     Why is this transaction good for customers of Veseris and Integrate Pest Supplies Ltd.?

We are confident that this acquisition will benefit both sets of customers. It extends our national coverage in Canada to better equip existing Veseris customers with the best products and solutions. It also provides Integrated Pest Supplies customers with an expanded offering of products and solutions from an industry leader.


3.     Who is Integrated Pest Supplies Ltd.? Do they have experience in this industry? 

Integrated Pest Supplies, Ltd. has been an independent distributor of pest control products and supplies based out of a single location in Vancouver, BC, for 30+ years. It is a family-owned business that always takes pride in providing products and training and customer service to professionals in the structural pest control industry.


4.     Will all Integrated Pest Supplies products and services still be available?  Can we continue to count on the same level of service?

There are no changes to Integrated Pest Supplies at this time. All of their products and services continue to be available. Our customers remain our highest priority. Please be assured that you can continue to depend on us for the same dedicated service and superior products you expect. Should any significant changes occur, you will be notified in advance.


5.     Will pricing or quotes be affected?  

There are no changes to the Integrated Pest Supplies business at this time. All of their products and services continue to be available, and pricing remains consistent with our ordinary business practices. Should any significant changes occur, you will be notified in advance.


6.     Will this affect my credit line or terms? 

It is business as usual, and nothing changes how you do business with Integrated Pest Supplies.


7.     Will this impact my day-to-day operations or point of contact? 

Your Integrated Pest Supplies Ltd. and Veseris contacts remain the same, as does the way you do business with us.


8.     What about further out? Will there be significant changes? 

As always, our customers remain our highest priority. You can expect a seamless experience as we fold Integrated Pest Supplies into Veseris over the coming months.  We will provide ample communication on any changes, and you can continue to depend on us for the same dedicated service and superior products you expect.


9.     What is happening to the people Integrated Pest Supplies?  

The team at Integrated Pest Supplies will be there just as they have always been.  Veseris recognizes that the value of the business starts with the people, and we intend to keep that.


10.  I am an Integrated Pest Supplies customer, and I’ve never done any business with Veseris, but I’d like to purchase some products that are only currently available at Veseris. How should I do this?  

Reach out to the Integrated Pest Supplies team and make the request; we will work together in the background to make that happen.  We do not wish to set up new Veseris accounts for Integrated Pest Supplies customers until the transition is completed; this will ensure we can avoid any disruption or confusion.


11.  I am a Veseris customer who likes picking up the product at the Integrated Pest Supplies facility. Is this possible?  

We will not be set up to implement this effectively on Day One; however, this will be something we prioritize in the transition to support our customers.  


12.  I am doing business with Veseris and Integrated Pest Supplies. Does anything change?  

Nothing changes today; keep interacting with the same people and ordering in the same manner as you have.  Over time, as the business transitions, you could see us organize in a way to serve and support you more effectively; we will be sure to communicate with you ahead of any changes.


13.  How long will it be before we expect to see any changes and transitions in the business?  

Our current expectation is that it will take 3 – 6 months to bring the businesses fully together and unlock the new value for customers and suppliers.  We will take our time, with the one key goal throughout the transition being no disruption to your business.


14.  Where can I learn more about this if I still have questions? 

Visit one of the links below to contact a representative or send us a message.

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