19-0-19 N-Fusion 65% Methydure + CA Fertilizer

Ferti Technologies Corp Nutrite 19-0-19 N-Fusion 65% Methydure + Ca Fertilizer 50lb Bag Part# C110077 Overview: - Homogeneous professional turf fertilizer for greens and tees. - Micro greens grade (SGN 90) Features: • N-Fusion homogeneous microparticle fertilizer provides uniform coverage. • N-Fusion is an innovative technology of rapidly dissolving granules that minimizes mower pick-up with a light irrigation. • Highly visible white granules allow for ease of application. • 65% of the nitrogen is derived from Methydure methylene urea. • High rate of potassium. All the potassium is in the safer sulfate form. Turf Benefits: • Methydure slow release nitrogen is a trusted technology that has a gradual, consistent release and longevity that allows you to effectively feed turfgrass with fewer applications for up to 12 to 16 weeks. • Methydure decreases the risk of nitrate leaching or runoff. • Methydure’s very low salt content reduces the potential for phytotoxicity. • Micro-prill homogeneous fertilizer. Use of micro-prills results in an optimum distribution of fertilizer granules per unit area for a uniform nitrogen application and release. • Provides a high rate of potassium for improved drought tolerance, greater disease resistance and improved wear tolerance. • Supplies equal amounts of nitrogen and potassium for soils that require applications of potassium
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Sold As: 50 lb bag
Manufacturer: Ferti Technologies
ID: 827757

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