Amine 400 2,4-D Weed Killer

  • Economical control of broadleaf weeds in lawns, pastures, rangeland, corn, sorghum, wheat, and barley
  • Concentrated 2,4-D herbicide formulation - Can be mixed with other products
  • Also use on fencerows, drainage ditchbanks, rights-of-way, and industrial sites
  • 1 gallon covers up to 174,240 sq. ft. (4 acres) on listed pastures
Gordons Amine 400 2,4-D Herbicide for control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in pastures, rangeland, corn, sorghum, wheat, and barley, and other listed crops and in non-crop areas such as lawns, ornamental turf, drainage ditchbanks, fencerows and rights-of-way.
Product Label and Safety Data Sheet
SDS Label
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Sold As: 2.5 gal jug (for a case order 2)
Manufacturer: PBI Gordon
Target Pests: Asterales, Buttercup, Carrot, Caryophyllales, Figwort, Goosefoot, Iceplant, Lamiales, Madder, Magnolia, Mallow, Mint, Mustard, Pea or Bean, Ragweed, Rosales, Solanales, Sowthistle, Starthistle, Sunflower, Thistle, Weeds, Willow
ID: 624637
Target Sites: Banks of Watercourses and Bodies of Water, Commercial Lots and Power Stations, Exterior Areas Around Structures, Exterior Landscaped Settings, Exterior Non-Landscaped settings, Fences and Fencelines, Open Fields, Railroads and Rights-of-Way
Not For Sale In: AK, DC

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