Doxem NXT Aerosol

  • Suitable for use with ant and cockroach baits
  • No mixing
  • Provides Residual Control
  • Quick knockdown
  • Long lasting residual control
  • Keeps working even after application - for up to 180 days
  • May be used in food handling accounts
  • May be used on mattresses
  • May be used indoor and outdoors
  • Crack & crevice, void, or spot applications
  • Ready-to-use aerosol can improves accuracy & precision
Doxem NXT is a broad-spectrum insecticide aerosol. With four active ingredients and four unique modes of action, Doxem NXT should be the first choice for rotational pest management programs.

PMPs can now apply indoxacarb in an entirely new way – as an aerosol! With a flexible label that includes food handling uses, Doxem NXT is a premium ready-to-use solution for most pest problems. Since it’s formulated with no repellent active ingredients, this aerosol product is compatible with other non-repellent applications, including baits. Additionally, it effectively kills many listed pests on contact while leaving behind a residual.
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Sold As: 15 oz can (for a case order 12)
Manufacturer: Control Solutions Inc.
ID: 847511
Not For Sale In: AK, CA

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