EZ Snap Mouse Station

  • Durable, low-profile construction is designed to be impact resistant and shield snap traps from children and pets.
  • Open floor and angled guide wall at entryway allow rodent's head to enter the station while its feet remain on familiar ground.
  • Guide wall prevents rodent from going behind station, leading it inside station.
  • Internal walls guide rodent inside station, where it encounters the clear, shatterproof central wall that provides airflow and sight clarity to opposite side of station.
  • The removable clear central wall encourages rodent to travel over the commitment wall towards escape light, drawing it directly into the target zone.
  • Equipped with two indicator ties secured to over-the-top kill bars. Dual-colored indicator ties allow user to safely set the traps externally and clearly show when traps have been tripped.
  • Two removable snap traps allow two opportunities for rodent removal. Easily release and secure traps for cleaning or replacement using proprietary plug system.
  • Durable, 100% American-made plastic.
  • Private label available.
  • Dimensions: 12.5'' x 5.5'' x 2.75''
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.
Durable Dual Trap with Visual Alert System. The EZ Snap Mouse utilizes the science of rodent behavior to maximize the speed and effectiveness of the rodent’s interaction with the station. Easily set and secure internal snap traps and let the innovative internal force flow engineering guide rodents into the target zone.
Product Label and Safety Data Sheet
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More Information
Manufacturer: VM Products Inc
Target Pests: House Mouse, White-footed/Deer Mice
Sold As: Each (for a case order 12)
ID: 826439
Target Sites: Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Food Serving Establishments

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